Lead Guitar Videos

These videos are part of my complete progressive guitar video instruction package.

My guitar lesson training program is designed with specific goals tailored to your individual needs. Here are video examples of different types of lead guitar styles that are discussed during guitar lessons.

Randy Rhoads: Mr. Crowley Studio Practice Session
Guitar teacher John E. Davis jams Randy Rhoads “Mr. Crowley” in this studio practice session video. Practice session for my studio version of “Mr. Crowley” from my 2015 “Up From The Ashes” CD.

Lead Guitar Video: “Eruption Style Guitar Licks”
Arlington, Texas guitar instructor John E. Davis demos the Peavey 5150II Eddie Van Halen Tube Amp Head. Plays a variety of Eddie Van Halen style guitar licks as well as “Eruption” type licks from Van Halen 1. Ibanez Tube Screamer, Boss DD-6, Tube Amplifier, Phaser Pedal.

Lead Guitar Video: Improvising The Modes of A Minor
Arlington, Texas Guitar Instructor John E. Davis jams modal shapes over the key of A Minor. Improvising modes and lead guitar soloing over A Minor.

Lead Guitar Video: “Triple Shot”
Guitar instructor John E. Davis jams “Triple Shot” from his 2008 CD release “180 Proof”. Using a Soldano Hot Rod 50 Tube Amp and a Digitech 2112 Tube PreAmp.

Lead Guitar Video: “Mr. Scary”
Arlington, Texas guitar teacher John E. Davis jams George Lynch’s “Mr. Scary” using only a Fender Princeton 65 DSP amp. Guitar is a modified Fender MIM Stratocaster.