Lead Guitar Lessons

Single String Diatonic Metal Licks: Guitar Teacher John E. Davis covers all five pentatonic and corresponding diatonic scales during this rock and metal guitar video lesson. Davis shows how to play three open string metal guitar licks in the key of E Minor. Tremolo Picking, Finger Tapping and Legato licks are covered.

Practicing Pentatonic Shapes In D Minor: Texas Guitar Teacher John E. Davis offers a video showing how to practice and improvise pentatonic shapes over a backing track in the key of D Minor. John E. Davis is the owner and CEO of the Texas Guitar School located in Arlington, Texas.

My lead guitar individual lessons are concentrated in the following areas of guitar instruction:

Lead Guitar LessonsLead Guitar Lessons – Once the Open Chords and Power Chords theory and songs are mastered, students are considered “advanced” players and move on to Pentatonic Scales and Blues/Rock progressions. Notes of the neck are covered here and note intervals are introduced.

Blues Progressions and Pentatonic Scales – Here we learn a 12-Bar blues riff sequence as well and introduce the basics of the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales. Students learn to jam these scales over various chord progressions in specified keys.

Scale Theory – All five Pentatonic Box shapes, all Major and Minor seven note scales, Blues Scale, Modes and Arpeggios.

Speed Interval Training – Students work scale runs with a tempo meter to increase finger dexterity and picking speed. All five pentatonic scales are worked over multiple chord progressions in key. Use of quarter, eighth, sixteenth and 32-note scale runs are introduced.

Pentatonic Soloing – Students learn their first solo Paranoid by Black Sabbath note for note. Here a theory correlation is built using the five pentatonic box shapes and their positions on the neck.

Blues 7th Chords and The Blues Scale – Students learn the six note blues scale, a variety of 7th chords. Here we start our section on Metallica and learn Enter Sandman, Cyanide, Seek and Destroy and Ironman by Black Sabbath.

Lead Soloing – Looks at speed interval training, advanced mode runs, finger tapping, sweep picking. We break down and learn five classic guitar solos note for note. Included in course instruction are Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne): Crazy Train, Michael Schenker: Armed and Ready, Eddie Van Halen: Eruption, Vivian Campbell (Dio): Rainbow In The Dark and George Lynch (Dokken): Mr. Scary. Students are welcome to bring any solos they may want to learn.

Improvisation – Showing the basics of playing improvised solos with specific Jam Tracks in key.

Music Theory – Basic and Advanced interval training focusing on song construction, scale improvisation and Circle of 5ths.

Song Writing – Chord progressions, solos, and melody lines written in specific key structures.