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Custom Charvel Model 2

Custom Skull And Cross Bones Charvel Model 2.

Guitar And Bass Repair Services

Got yourself some string buzz at the bridge? How about a broken tuning peg? Did the kids break your headstock? Does your guitar neck seem to have some rise in the tongue? Let me guess, you have a short in the input jack? Need to change from active to passive pickups? Or is it that your frets have the “chinks”?

Whatever your issue, I can certainly help. I offer a variety of Guitar and Bass Repair Services in Arlington, Texas on new and vintage fretted instruments, serving working musicians to hobbyist around the metroplex. I can answer a wide variety of repair answers to questions many guitar players have.

Guitar Neck Refret Jobs

Complete neck refret jobs are available.

Complete refret jobs for Fender necks and necks with binding is available. This one also received a partial fretboard scallop and relicing.

Silver Repair CertificationI currently hold my Fender Silver Repair certification from the Fender Music Corporation and the Fender University. This training includes but is not limited to building custom guitars, intonations, set-ups, truss rod adjustments, damaged neck repair, new bridge installs, custom electronics wiring and neck refretting. 

The setup procedures and specifications for a Fender Stratocaster that is equipped with the strings that come on the instrument from the factory vary for a players personal preferences. Many times, if you plan to change string gauges to your taste, you may need to have the guitar set-up to compensate for the changes in string sizes. Modifications of the factory specs may also be made (within limited parameters) to adjust for your individual playing style or application (i.e., how hard you pick, strum or fret the guitar). All part of a guitar’s set-up procedures.

I can do guitar and bass repair service and install jobs in the following areas…

  • Arlington Texas Guitar RepairGuitar Relicing
  • Action Adjustments
  • Intonation Adjustments
  • Set Ups
  • Damage Neck Repair
  • Strap Buttons Replacement
  • Fingerboard Scalloping and Sanding
  • Fret Divot Replacement
  • Neck Refret Jobs
  • Neck Buzzing Problems
  • String Changing
  • Bridge Height Adjustments
  • Truss Rod Adjustments
  • New Bridge Installs
  • New Pickguard Installs
  • New Tuner Installs
  • Tuning Problems
  • Pickup and Electronics Installations
  • Guitar Care & Cleaning

Guitar Repair Grand Prairie

Every so often someone asks me a simple, and yet intriguing, question: Is this a good guitar? The question may seem obvious in its implication, but it really isn’t. In my opinion, there are at least four levels at which a guitar can be “good”.

  • Technically Good Guitars
  • Correct Neck to Body Fit
  • Functional Neck Tension Rod
  • Guitars That You Like

These are some of the most important qualities a guitar can have. On the assumption that you are not buying a guitar with concern about long term value, the most important quality a good guitar has is that you like it.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, it doesn’t matter whether it is technically good, it doesn’t matter that it has no monetary value, if you like it, if it does what you want it to do – it is a good guitar.