Guitar Repair Lessons

Guitar Repair Arlington, Tx

I offer a variety of Guitar and Bass Repair Lessons in Arlington, Texas on new and vintage fretted instruments, serving working musicians to hobbyist around the metroplex. I’ve held a Silver Fender Certification since 2003.

Silver Repair CertificationI offer repair lessons on all models and types of fretted instruments in need of maintenance, repairs, and setups. I specialize in Fender Guitars, Ibanez Guitars and Charvel Guitars.

I offer individual Guitar and Bass Repair Lessons in the following areas:

  • Guitar Relicing
  • Action Adjustments
  • Intonation Adjustments
  • Set Ups
  • Custom Body Painting
  • Bridge Height Adjustments
  • Strap Buttons Replacement
  • New Bridge Installs
  • Pickup and Electronics Installations
  • Guitar Care & Cleaning
  • Tuning Problems
Neck Refret Lessons

Neck refret lessons are available.

Guitar Neck modification lessons in the following areas:

  • Fingerboard Scalloping
  • Fretboard Sanding
  • Damage Neck Repair
  • Neck Refret Jobs
  • Neck Buzzing Problems
  • String Changing
  • Truss Rod Adjustments
  • New Pick Guard Installs
  • New Tuner Installs
  • Nut Installs
  • Wood Pocket Shims
  • Bolt-On neck reinforcement

Just by upgrading the components in your guitar you can really open up your guitar’s sound. Keep your guitar functioning exactly the same way just with better parts. You’ll be surprised at how much better upgraded components will sound! Improve your tuning stability and tone by blocking off your unused tremolo. The most important joint on a guitar needs to be top notch. Bolt-on reinforcements make your guitar stronger and sound better too! Upgrade your screws on neck to an actual bolt-on using stainless steel bolts. You can also get superior tone from a much improved neck joint.